Beachwood Municipal Court

Beachwood, NJ Municipal Court - 1600 Pinewald Road · Beachwood, New Jersey

Beachwood Municipal Court

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  • Municipal Court Address:
    1600 Pinewald Road
    Beachwood, NJ 08722

  • Phone:
    (732) 286-6000 Ext: 121

  • Fax :
    (732) 244-5355

  • Town Website:

  • Session Hours :
    First Thursday 8:30 - 10 am, Fourth Tuesday 5pm

  • Judge :
    Hon. Damian G. Murray, J.M.C.

  • Prosecutor:
    Steven Zabarsky, Esq.

  • Staff :
    The court administrator is Linda L. Felton, and the deputy court administrator is Lesley Kirchgessner. The police department number is (732) 286-6000 ext. 100.

  • About Beachwood, NJ :
    Beachwood, NJ was incorporated in 1917 from portions of Berkeley Township. Beachwood is a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey and has a population of just over 11,000 residents according to the 2010 census. Ronald W. Jones is the current mayor of this municipality. Originally, Beachwood followed the commission form of government, but in the 1970s switched over to the current borough form of government. This government consists of a mayor and six-member council. The current mayor of Beachwood is Ronald Jones, whose term of office ends in December 2011. The municipal court located in Beachwood routinely hears an average of 5 disorderly persons complaints, as well as an average of 25 DWI charges and traffic tickets weekly.

  • Court ID : 1504 - Beachwood Municipal Court