Carneys Point Municipal Court

Carneys Point, NJ Municipal Court - 303 Harding Hwy · Carneys Point, New Jersey

Carneys Point Municipal Court

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  • Municipal Court Address:
    303 Harding Hwy
    Carney Point, NJ 08069

  • Phone:

  • Fax :

  • Town Website:

  • Session Hours :
    Second & fourth Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.

  • Judge :
    Hon. Jason D. Witcher, JMC

  • Prosecutor:
    John G. Hoffman, Esq.

  • Staff :
    The Court Administrator in Carney's Point is Annmarie Brown. Chief Robert DiGregorio is the police records officer.

  • About Carneys Point, NJ :
    Carney’s Point Township is a relatively small community that spans an area over fifteen miles, with a population just north of 8,000 residents as of the 2010 census. Wayne D. Pelura is the current mayor of this municipality. Marie Stout is the current township administrator. The township hosts a multitude of state, US, and limited access roads, creating an easy transportation path for travelers going to various places. Route 48, Route 140, Route 49, U.S. Route 130, 295 expressway and the New Jersey Turnpike are pass through the township of Carneys Point. The municipal court located in Carneys Point lists an average of 20 disorderly persons complaints, as well as over 35 traffic tickets and DWI cases every week.