Fanwood Municipal Court

Fanwood, NJ Municipal Court - 75 N. Martine Avenue · Fanwood, New Jersey

Fanwood Municipal Court

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  • Municipal Court Address:
    75 N. Martine Avenue
    Fanwood, NJ 07023

  • Phone:
    (908) 322-6750

  • Fax :
    (908) 322-1378

  • Town Website:

  • Session Hours :
    Thursday 5:30 P.M. & 7:30 P.M.

  • Judge :
    Hon. Susan M. MacMullan, P.J.M.C.

  • Prosecutor:
    Daniel Antonelli, Esq.

  • Staff :
    If you ever have questions about court make sure you contact Court Administrator Joy A. Veeck and her Deputy Court Administrators is Doreen Toffolo and Donna Zucker and they will help you with any concerns you may have.

  • About Fanwood, NJ :
    Were you aware that the City of Fanwood is functioned by a voluntary Fire and Rescue Squad and always looking for those who want to help. And if you work in New York City do not ever worry about the commute the public transportation system to the city makes it very easy to travel !

  • Comments :
    Make sure in the winter months you stay warm but if you have any concerns or health issues do not be alarmed call Colleen Huehn the Town Health Director. In a case of an emergency did you know keeping an up to date Fire Extinguisher is very important don’t believe me ask Fire Inspector Frank Oberlies.

  • Court ID : 2005 - Fanwood Municipal Court