Sandyston Municipal Court

Sandyston, NJ Municipal Court - 151 U.S. Highway 206 · Sandyston, New Jersey

Sandyston Municipal Court

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  • Municipal Court Address:
    151 U.S. Highway 206
    Augusta, NJ 07822

  • Phone:
    (973) 948-4045

  • Fax :
    (973) 948-4271

  • Town Website:

  • Session Hours :
    Second and Third Thursdays

  • Judge :
    Hon. James G. Devine, P.J.M.C.

  • Prosecutor:
    Peter Laemers, Esq.

  • Staff :
    The Sandyston, New Jersey Municipal Court Administrator is Suzanne M. Oakley. She can be emailed at: [email protected]

  • About Sandyston, NJ :
    Sandyston Township is located in the northwestern part of Sussex County close to the Pennsylvania border. As of the 2006 census estimate, the population of Sandyston, New Jersey was around 1,924 residents. George Harper is the current mayor of this municipality. In 2008, the township was ranked as the twenty sixth most desirable place to live in New Jersey Monthly Magazine. Hainesville is an unincorporated community located within Sandyston, along with Layton, NJ.