Frelinghuysen Municipal Court

Frelinghuysen, NJ Municipal Court - 628 Route 94 · Frelinghuysen, New Jersey

Frelinghuysen Municipal Court

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  • Municipal Court Address:
    628 Route 94
    Columbia, NJ 07832

  • Phone:
    (908) 496-4131

  • Fax :
    (908) 496-8997

  • Session Hours :
    Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.

  • Judge :
    Hon. Dominick C. Santini, P.J.M.C.

  • Prosecutor:
    James L. Pfeiffer, Esq.

  • Staff :
    Knowlton, Frelinghuysen & Hardwick Municipal Courts - The Frelinghuysen, NJ Municipal Courts Administrator is Roseann McPartland. The New Jersey State Police patrol from the Hope, NJ barracks and can be reached at 908-459-5098.

  • About Frelinghuysen, NJ :
    Frelinghuysen, NJ, a small township in Warren County, was named in honor of Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen, a minister and theologian of the Dutch Reformed Church. This is stated in the book, “Historical Series of Warren County.” Tom Charles is the current mayor of this municipality. According to the 2010 census, the population of Frelinghuysen was just over 2,200 residents living within an almost twenty-five square mile area. The municipal court for Frelinghuysen is located in Columbia, NJ and is known as the Knowlton Municipal Court, a joint court which serves Knowlton, Frelinghuysen, and Hardwick. The Frelinghuysen part of such shared services court hears an average of 10 traffic tickets & DWI charges every week.

  • Comments :
    The Knowlton Municipal Court now houses the Frelinghuysen Municipal Court as well. The Delaware Water Gap is only a few minutes away, as are NJ State Troopers ready to pull over speeders. This is a very busy court which can run all day long at times.

  • Court ID : 2106 - Frelinghuysen Municipal Court